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A Guiding Light: My Brother's Impact on My Creative Journey.

Throughout my life, I have been incredibly fortunate to have had my brother who has always been there for me, offering support and guidance whenever I needed it. Manex has played an instrumental role in shaping my artistic vision, providing invaluable tips and techniques, and consistently offering constructive criticism.

As an exceptional creative himself, Manex possesses a remarkable eye for detail and an unwavering pursuit of perfection. His eccentric and passionately-driven nature brings a unique energy, and his mentorship has been a constant source of inspiration, instilling great confidence as I pursue my photography career.

 I am forever grateful for him always being there for me and his profound influence which has significantly shaped me into the photographer I am today.

Together, we continue to explore the realms of artistry, fueling each other's passions and driving our creative pursuits to new heights.


Manex is currently living in London

He is currently working in the film industry & also furthering his own creative journey. 


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