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 P H O T O   J O U R N A L S




Welcome to my photography world, where my passion lies in documenting and capturing life's fleeting moments. I am truly, madly, and deeply passionate and  committed to creating memories that will last forever.

Time passes swiftly, and the precious years of childhood are filled with growth and change. That's why I am so dedicated to capturing the essence of your family's life as it is today. By taking the time upon meeting your family, I can then step back and document the authentic moments before me in a non-intrusive way. Through this "fly-on-the-wall" approach, I strive to capture the delicate connections within your family with greater fidelity than traditional portraiture.

My ultimate goal is to provide you with tangible treasures to look back on, allowing you to reminisce and relive those cherished moments. I want you to remember how it felt to be there, in those special instances, when you browse through your photography book


My focus is on capturing timeless photos of your children in their everyday lives—whether they're playing, jumping, or spending time with loved ones. I want to document the messy bedrooms, the toys scattered across the back deck, and all the other small details that make up their childhood. These memories will inevitably fade with time, but my mission is to ensure that they are not lost and forgotten.


When you book a session with me, I will come to your home or a place of significance, where you and your family can relax and embrace your normal routine. I will spend a few hours with all of you, capturing the beauty of these precious moments. The photographs I take will then be presented in a beautiful photography book that weaves together the story of your unique family.


Let's embark on a journey to encapsulate the essence of your family's life. I look forward to create timeless memories that will warm your hearts and bring smiles to your faces for years to come. Contact me now to schedule a session and preserve your treasured moments in a tangible, photography book that tells your story."


*Prices vary depending on time and location- Contact me for more details to create the perfect Photography session for you and your family. 

"Day in the Life"


Your family's life, 

this is as natural as it gets,

memories you can look back on,

don't let these memories fade.

Enjoy & cherish


Marlene Suter




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