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 P H O T O   J O U R N A L S






Where my passion lies……I am truly, madly & deeply passionate about documenting and capturing life’s moments as they are today and creating memories that will last forever.  


Words cannot express these special times we experience with our families, our everyday. We all know too well that time flies way too fast and our precious children change so much so quickly.  


Documenting their life as it is today could be anything from their favourite outfits, toys, and friends to the activities they enjoy.  Fly-on-the-wall photography will reveal delicate connections within the family more faithfully than traditional portraiture. Thus giving us memories of life, with feelings of movement and echoes of conversations and sounds, rather than a simple snapshot; photographing these special moments allows us to have something precious to look back on, remembering how it felt to be there. 


I am the fly on the wall in most of my shoots unless you would like a group family photo that I can also appreciate.


My aim is to capture timeless photos of your children whether they are in a role-play scenario, jumping on a trampoline, playing with Grandma or whatever it may be. Wearing those favourite outfits of theirs over and over or those shoes that they love to wear and play in.  


Documenting their messy bedrooms, the crazy back deck with toys and shoes everywhere will be memories your children can study and look at into the future. Remembering what their childhood was really like. 


These days will eventually be distant memories and I want to make sure I capture them for you before another chapter in your child’s life begins. It is a short and quick transition from baby to toddler, to being a schoolchild to the teens and before you know it, adolescent and adulthood and I don’t want these little memories missed and not documented.


How it works....

I will come to your home as it is today (no tidying necessary) where it all happens.  Family members could be visiting, or I can meet you somewhere special..take a trip to Grandmas house perhaps. Maybe you are moving home in the future and want to capture memories in your current home where your children grew up, or just simply documenting your everyday life as a family. I will spend a few hours with you all and at first this may feel strange but as time goes on you and your family will relax and just  ease in and get on with your normal day to day routines of your typical weekend. I will then stand back observe and just capture some of these precious times with your family. 


I truly adore capturing these moments and making people happy by presenting them at the end with a fine art Photography book that tells their story.  I only need a few hours of your day to collect these memories and on this day you only need to be doing a few of your normal daily routines and activities.
From early morning, breakfast time, lunchtime, family activities, homework, helping in the kitchen, role-play, reading, board games, tight hugs, love, crying and laughter.  
Anything ,anytime and just being together are the moments I want to capture for you! 


"Day in the Life"


Your family's life, 

this is as natural as it gets,

memories you can look back on,

don't let these memories fade.

Enjoy & cherish


Marlene Suter




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