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A B O U T   M E

I want to tell stories through pictures, capture moments and create beautiful 

imagery.  I'm a Londoner that has lived here in Brisbane on and off for the last 20 years, due to my Australian partner.  Here I am now with my family, finding fresh and exciting inspiration for my work. Inspirations from the people and the country of Australia, as well as from my husband, children, family and friends.

I have always been passionate about Art and Photography and followed this through by studying a degree in Art & Design, graduating in the U.K in 1998. I was fortunate  soon after to take up a career in the movie industry, making special effects, in various forms. Effects such as wind and rain, smoke and exciting pyrotechnics.  From large bangs in war films to smaller more personal effects, and also being part of a team making models, animatronics, and prosthetics. A wide creative field within the British and Hollywood movie industry.

A lot of the time I would have to document, with video and photography,  my team's special effects to show directors and producers what they might expect to see when we come to shoot on film. I had to up my game very quickly if I was to present these photographs to some of the most respected creators in the movie industry. 

Some of these photographs would have the feeling of a documentary style and

I would soon become obsessed with this style of photography and carried it through to other fields of photography such as family life and street photography.



Always having a passion for photography, this documentary-style soon became an obsession and taking photos of everyday people all around me became a fascination.

Having a family of my own,  I was like any other parent and was continually capturing memories of my own family.  I wanted to take photographs of my children, my family, and friends on a daily basis to ensure these memories are freeze-framed so they could be kept and remembered forever.

Children change so quickly, many moments are missed and can be easily forgotten. So I feel that it is important to capture these moments not only for the parents but for the children to remember their joys of childhood. 

Family photojournalism is something I have done naturally over the years without thinking, however, realising I can share these precious moments with others was something that felt amazing!  Naturally, I wanted to make a career out of something I love doing. I'm passionate and love creating imagery that make people smile.




"Times ticking ...children are growing,

precious moments are passing...."

"Let me capture yours"


         Marlene Suter


M y   I n s p i r a t i o n

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