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In the world of photography, my heart beats with overwhelming passion and true excitement when it comes to documenting life around me and capturing portraits of people. Photography, to me, is more than just a profession; it's a form of art that allows me to tell captivating visual stories. Whether I'm documenting the lives of individuals, families, or street life, I strive to convey unique stories through aesthetically pleasing and evocative photographs.


I was born in London and emigrated to Australia with my family in 2016. My passion for art and photography has been a lifelong pursuit, culminating in earning a degree in Art & Design in the UK in 1998. Soon after, I was fortunate to embark on a career in the movie industry, specialising in creating special effects in various forms, including wind, rain, smoke, and thrilling pyrotechnics. This diverse role involved everything from orchestrating explosive scenes in war films to contributing to the creation of models, animatronics, and prosthetics. It was a wide-ranging creative field within the British and Hollywood movie industry.


Frequently, I had to document my team's special effects through video and photography, providing directors and producers with a glimpse of what to expect during filming. I also indulged in behind-the-scenes documentation for personal satisfaction. As documentary photography became a massive passion, I continued to capture the tapestry of life unfolding around me, from the vibrant streets to portraits of intriguing people and the candid moments of everyday life.


Parenthood added a new dimension to my photographic journey, inspiring me to authentically document my children's lives as they unfolded, capturing real-life situations as they happened. This led to a profound passion for family documentary, an obsession to preserve these memories, and a desire to share this passion with others. I soon discovered that family documentary was a genre shared by many talented photographers, and I became a part of this wonderful community.


Balancing work in hospitality to make ends meet with the growth of my photography business, I never ceased my documentation of life. My camera was always at hand to ensure that if I spotted a moment, it would be captured. Alongside this, I established a studio in my new home, where I experimented with various ideas, including sibling portraits, fun children's portraits, and more.

Three years ago, a photography contract unexpectedly came my way without even actively seeking employment. With just my name, number, and website, I embarked on a new chapter as a contract photographer at a studio in Brisbane. There, I found myself collaborating with remarkable creatives, sharing ideas, and inspiring one another on a daily basis. Surrounded by like-minded individuals, I thrived both in my photography business and in forming meaningful connections.


Finally letting go of my hospitality job to fully focus on my photography business, I gained the freedom to explore the passion projects I had held close for so long. Whether capturing portraits of people at my home, creating editorial content, or photographing children, I began to conceive exciting new projects, continually uncovering new and exciting avenues for creative expression.  The journey led me to a new passion, 'Pop Art Photography,' starting with 'PopKidz' portraits of my children. Over time, this passion evolved, unexpectedly, into my latest project, 'PopDogz.' After two years of experimentation and mastery. The marlo merle project  in NFT's will be launching soon.

 I'm thrilled to share this exciting venture with the world, a joyful accident born out of playing with my pup.

*Project PopDogz -Marlo merle collection is launching  soon A unique collection of NFT's  for any Art collector welcome to view and purchase.  


Documentary Family Package 

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