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A bit about me...... 

In the world of photography, my heart beats with overwhelming passion and true excitement when it comes to documenting life around me and capturing portraits of people.
Photography to me, is more than just a profession; it's a form of art that allows me to tell captivating visual stories. Whether I'm documenting the lives of individuals, families or street life.  I strive to convey unique stories through aesthetically pleasing and evocative photographs.

I was born in London and now reside in Brisbane, Australia. 
My passion for art and photography has been a lifelong pursuit.  Completing an Art & design foundation course and pursuing into earning a degree in Art & Design in 1998,  
I was very fortunate to soon after embark on a career in the
movie industry, Specialising in creating special effects in various forms. This diverse role involved everything from creating wind, rain and prosthetics to orchestrating explosive scenes in war films and  contributing to the creations of models and  animatronics, working with  a legion of talented people within the British and Hollywood film industry. Documenting my team's projects through photography  offered to directors and producers  for an insight into our departments work, meant I kept my camera as a  constant companion. Outside the industry, my passion for documentary photography persisted. From vibrant streets to captivating portraits, I found joy in capturing genuine and heartfelt moments, particularly those of children in their daily lives.

Continuously exploring fresh avenues for creative expression, my journey led me to evolve and discover new ideas within portrait photography. Transitioning from environmental, editorial, and fine art portraiture, I became inspired with the concept of "Pop Art Portraits." In this realm of Pop Art Photography, while experimenting with colorful pop portraits of children, I serendipitously stumbled upon an idea in my cluttered studio and prop box, resulting in a delightful accident with my beloved and ever-patient dog, Marlo. This unexpected turn propelled my pop portraits into an exciting new venture, reigniting my creative passion.

The PopDogs Project" Started with my dog Marlo in November 2021 and will be shared both in the physical world in Limited prints and  the Web 3 world as  NFT's . A unique collection of NFT's and limited edition prints for Passionate  Art collectors.

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