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Fine Art Photography


F I N E  A R T  C H I L D R E N  P H O T O G R A P H Y

Fine Art Children Photography: Capturing Your Little Ones' Inspiration

Having your children on your wall as part of a piece of fine art photography is something I absolutely love to create.  Aside from the traditional portraits of your children and family photos on your wall, these images are pieces of art that your family are apart of.  Beautiful photographs to be hung up on your wall that you can look at with pride, a piece of art that includes your children. 


These locations can be places that have a special meaning to you.  It could be your children peering into the restaurant where you had your first date or actually sitting at the same table where special news had been shared. That memory still in your mind, coming alive through a photograph. 

The place where you were proposed to or shared news, or where you used to take that walk in the park. The list is endless.

These images make a beautiful piece of art which also creates a sentimental memory for you as a family.


Your children can literally be two dots in the photograph, it doesn’t matter but you know it's your children and a personal photo to you. A photograph that creates emotion and memory which then evokes happiness and something very personal to your home! 

See some of the ones I have of my two children...each and every one of these photos tell me a story and are my pride and joy.... my fine-art children


Alternatively, the location doesn't have to have an old-time meaning. It can just be a beautiful place e.g. the beach, the forest the farm where they all have beautiful surroundings. Places where you visit now.  A location that will create beautiful memories to come. 




























If you have a few bare walls and want to add a bit of fine art to it which includes your children, please do not hesitate to contact me. I'm very happy to hear and discuss possible locations you have in mind over a cup of tea or coffee at your desired place.

How it works:

Creating fine art for your walls


I can follow you to your local park, your favourite restaurant or that special place.  Having me follow you all to your local park as you all cycle off out to the distance allows me to create your personal fine art piece of photography.


Hanging out on the beach or just a stroll in the bush, walking by the river or just being out in the busy high street in the city for the day will all create beautiful Images that are personal to you and your family. 

Creating fine art on your walls with just a hint of you all or just your children in the back or foreground is enough to create a memory with meaning and an aesthetic appeal at the same time.

Fine art photography

Your children,

A place to remember,

that special place,

the memory it creates,

looking beautiful on your wall,

a story with no words...

                                                                Marlene Suter

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